August 2018 - Cover Story: Getting "Trumpy" with George Takei

You don’t expect an interview with George Takei to begin with a discussion about Breaking Bad, but we were happy to hear that the Star Trek star knew where we were and was enjoying a show that using New Mexico as their backdrop. “I’ve been so busy with projects that I haven’t been able to watch the series,” Takei shared, “So Brad [my husband] and I have been binge-watching it and we love it.” He shared our excitement when we would recognize Albuquerque landmarks while watching the show. That excitement has created tours and fan videos. “It must be so much fun to see the different places that were used on the show and know where they are.” But today wasn’t about his love of this groundbreakin

August 2018 - Let Us Entertain You: Comedians give back with Do it Big

On August 4th, comedian Virginia Gonzales presents a comedy show for a cause with The New Mexico Youth Foundation & Alliance. Do it Big is a standup comedy show benefiting Saranam: A Refuge from Homelessness for families and Children ( Gonzales shared what her inspiration was for this event. “The inspiration is two-fold. First and foremost, I want to give back to the community and children are near and dear to my heart. I work in the field of Commercial Property Management and deal with the homeless a lot. As you know, it is a serious problem in our city. I often have to call authorities to move along homeless people who are camping at the properties I manage. So, my th

August 2018 - Turn It Up: Lisa Loeb

It was 1994. My good friend was leaving for Chicago to take the plunge in the dance field. It was devastating for me at the age of 18. Driving away wondering when I would see him again, Stay was playing on the radio. Fitting, and not surprising as that song was on every hour on the hour. Lisa Loeb made a name for herself with this #1 hit. Her school girl fashion style and those cattail glasses also made her stand out from those currently in the music scene. Now finding her love, and niche, in children's music, Loeb is making a stop in Albuquerque to play the Zoo Music Series at the Botanical Gardens on August 3rd. I was excited to get a moment of her time to talk about her love of music as a

August 2018 - Make 'Em Laugh: Joel McHale

Joel McHale, the star of Community and The Soup, will leave you in stitches. Comedy has been a part of his life for 25 years, but it was not his initial path. After McHale thanked me for aging him, he shared, “I don’t think you’re led to comedy. It just comes your way.” But I learned one thing from my interview. Do not drink the night before and then interview this man. McHale will test you on whether or not you know your shit and for this round, it was McHale 1, Ewers 0. It’s hard when all you want to talk about is how fabulous he was as Jeff Winger or why The Soup sucked after he left, but we found plenty to talk about and I started with what I felt was the most important question. McHale

August 2018 - The Sports Connection: The Dirty Dash Comes to the 505

For the past 8 years, the Dirty Dash has been testing the fortitude of the people brave enough to run, swim, and crawl through the muckiest terrain you could ever imagine and when the filthy 5k started coming to New Mexico in 2012, the Land of Enchantment didn’t disappoint with its share of people willing to get a little dirty. I got to speak to the people who run the Dirty Dash, which is back to the 505, August 18th at Wildlife West in Edgewood. It’s not just the physically fit who take part in the Dirty Dash either, one of the best things about the event is “most everyone can do it! We see all types of people splashing and rolling around in the mud.” If there is one thing the Dirty Dash is

August 2018 - The 5: SOMOS 2018

After presenting a talked about event in 2017 with more than 25,000 in attendance, SOMOS is back to do it all again. New Mexico Entertainment Magazine took a moment to ask 5 questions to the organizers of the event and learn more about what’s in store. How did the idea for SOMOS come about? The vision of SOMOS began out of a deep, abiding love for Albuquerque. That vision is to illuminate every good thing we know Albuquerque to be with an eye towards cultivating meaningful opportunities for community connection and pride of place. What is your goal with the event? By shining light on everything our city has to offer we hope to contribute to the magnetism that is necessary to retain, recr

August 2018 - Now Showing: 350 Days

As a child, Friday nights were about chicken pot pie and watching wrestling with my father and brothers, a bonding experience I could not forget, especially since my siblings and I would attempt most of the moves we witnessed in the ring. Wrestling has advanced to a more aggressive form of entertainment. Vince McMahon Jr. has turned WWE into a global empire spanning almost 40 years. In that time, children, young and old, have seen their share of wrestling idols that they worshipped. In the new documentary, 350 Days, fans learn about the world they didn’t see. Named after the number of days the average wrestler would be on the road in a year, wrestling legends like Ted Dibiase, “Superstar” Bi

August 2018 - Behind the Scenes: Twist Nightclub

New Mexico Entertainment had the opportunity to get a behind the scenes look a new nightclub comes to Downtown Albuquerque. Twist Nightclub, located at 109 4th Street Northwest, is the creation of married couple Michael and Renato Estacio-Burdick, who also owns the well-known LGBTQ club, Sidewinders Ranch, in Northeast Albuquerque. The idea of Twist was a long time coming. “We always wanted to have a nightclub for the community downtown and just couldn’t find the right location,” shared Michael. “We are excited about this opportunity.” The club’s interior design concept is being led by Bryan Sears, known in the community by his drag name, Jacquêsán Taylor Stratton. Renato sent photos of the

August 2018 - Between the Pages: New Mexico Historical Chronology

Yes, it is 1028 pages! It could be the perfect gift for a high school or college student interested in New Mexico history or an adult who writes about New Mexico history. Don Bullis, lives in Rio Rancho, has two other major tomes – New Mexico Historical Biographies and New Mexico Historical Encyclopedia with 800+ and 900+ pages respectively. They have won the Eric Hoffer Award, the NM & AZ Book Awards, an IPPY Award, New Mexico Historical Society Dominguez Award, New Mexico Press Women Award, Southwest Design Award from NMBA, and the National Federal of Press Women Award. Big books with a lot of credentials! Don was also named the New Mexico State Author for the Centennial – no small honor.

August 2018 - Extras: Hopfest 2018

Over ten years ago, Albuquerque Hopfest began and ushered in a celebration of local beer and a tradition was born. “The first year it was 12 regional breweries”, Marne Gaston of Feel Good Festivals says about the event’s humble beginnings back in 2008, but in 2018, “now we expect around 70 breweries to participate.” Hopfest also sees quite a variety of beer too, including the addition of hard ciders, sodas, sparkling waters, and distilleries. "With over 3,000 people expected to be attending this year’s event, a lot of breweries like to take advantage of the turnout and debut new beer and other goodies for sampling." The local breweries take advantage of the opportunity to debut new beers at

August 2018 - Extras: "Journey Within" Taos Glamping Adventure

Soon, visitors to New Mexico will be able to explore the majestic yet remote Taos wilderness in unprecedented comfort and style thanks to a new glamping experience from Heritage Inspirations, a partner of Heritage Hotels. The three-day, two-night adventure incorporates hiking, sunset yoga and stand up paddleboarding, The first of these tours, entitled "Journey Within" is scheduled for August 10-12, 2018, and as a bonus, will allow for spectacular viewing of this year’s Perseid meteor showers. The Journey Within tour departs from and returns to Taos’ acclaimed El Monte Sagrado Resort. The experience incorporates active outdoor activities, like sunset yoga in the Rio Grande Valley, stand up p

NME After Print: Lisa Loeb

It was 1994. My good friend was leaving for Chicago to take the plunge in the dance field. It was devastating for me at the age of 18. Driving away wondering when I would see him again, Stay was playing on the radio. Fitting, and not surprising as that song was on every hour on the hour. Lisa Loeb made a name for herself with this #1 hit. Her school girl fashion style and those cattail glasses also made her stand out from those currently in the music scene. Now finding her love, and niche, in children's music, Loeb is making a stop in Albuquerque to play the Zoo Music Series at the Botanical Gardens on August 3rd. I was excited to get a moment of her time to talk about her love of music as a

July 2018 - Cover Story: Rick Springfield

Being a child of the 80’s, the name Rick Springfield was synonymous with quite a few projects - General Hospital, Battlestar Galactica, or Jessie’s Girl. I remember watching General Hospital with my mom and swooning, yes, I said swooning, over the cute medical professional, Dr. Noah Drake. Come to find out he’s more than just a soap opera heartthrob. Springfield is a musician. He was destined to let his music be heard. “I just do what I do and let the chip fall where they may. I don’t stress about how I am viewed. At this point, I could give a fuck.” Rick picked up the guitar at the age of 13 and never put it down. It lead him to work with such bands as MPD Ltd., Wickedy Wak and Zoot. His d

July 2018 - Let Us Entertain You: Tracey Whitney

When we heard local venue, Hotel Andaluz, opened a jazz club, we were thrilled. When we heard that the talented, Tracey Whitney would be performing there, the excitement grew. We sat down with Tracey to learn more about her new residency. Congratulations on your residency at Hotel Andaluz. How did it happen? I looked at the Casablanca Room three years ago and contacted management to see if I could promote it. The manager, at the time, wouldn’t even return my calls. A year later I was hired to sing in the lobby. I performed there for a year-and-a-half. One day the new manager, Chris Jacoby, came up to me and said, “I want to show you something.” He took me in the Casablanca Room, and said, “W

July 2018 - Turn it Up: The 5th Annual Blues, Brews, and Bikes Festival benefiting The Freedom of Mu

Tell us about the The Freedom in Music Project? The Freedom in Music Project is an Acoustic Guitar Program that gives facilities six acoustic guitars, three sets of extra strings and more on Average. As I was a professional guitarist and I wanted to give the youth a decent instrument. The Project started almost eight years ago after I suffered a career-ending injury from one needle during a botched blood draw. It's all about bringing hope through music to at-risk youth in New Mexico and Texas! We have 14 Programs in New Mexico and two in Texas, 12 Youth Detention Centers, three recovery academies and one halfway house! The entire project is to bring in teachers that can become mentors to th

July 2018 - The Sports Connection: Maurice Jackson

In the streets of Chicago, it was a necessity to learn how to protect yourself. A lesson that Maurice Jackson learned at a very young age. Jackson has found a place in the field of MMA and found his training in wrestling, or as Jackson likes to call it, “wrastling,” and boxing only helps in his development. So, an MMA fighter? It makes us want to ask, what was like life as a kid. Was it just destined to happen this way? Honestly, I think it was. Growing up on the southside of Chicago is never an easy thing. If you would have asked me 20 years ago about the situation I’m in now I would say you're crazy, never. You grow up in situations that you can’t run from. So fighting is just a way of lif

July 2018 - The Sports Connection: Destiny Wrestling Organization

Since the debut of the WWE Network and its hit show, NXT (a show for the future main eventers of WWE), a giant spotlight has been placed upon the world of Independent Wrestling. People all across the United States flock to their local wrestling events in hopes to see the local hero as he makes a name for himself and maybe, one day, graces the Wrestlemania ring with his presence. New Mexico’s own, Destiny Wrestling Organization, has been running shows since 2007 and a decade later they’re looking to be an even bigger player in the independent scene. New Mexico Entertainment Magazine sat down with the owners running the show to get their thoughts on how they’ve been doing, their goals, and who

July 2018 - Between the Pages: New Mexico Book Co-op

This is the story of two little books that could. They were planned to document the North Valley before memories faded with respectable, but small sales. From the minute both books were released, they've sold like crazy. Bookstores and the publisher ran out of books many times and the original books have already been reprinted. Author Francelle Alexander grew up on 4th Street and went to school in the North Valley. She understands and has lived in the North Valley. The two books were originally going to be one, larger book but it was felt people wanted the book that coincided with their neighborhood. But most of the sales of the books have been for both books by the same person because the h

July 2018 - Extras: Michelle Otero

The poet laureate program in Albuquerque is now in its fourth year, and Michelle Otero has been awarded the coveted title for 2018. New Mexico Entertainment sat down with Michelle for a discussion on poetry, her love for New Mexico, the Bosque, and her plans for the future. NME: Congratulations on being selected as the new poet laureate of Albuquerque! Can you tell our readers what the selection process entails? How does one become Poet Laureate? M.O.: I joked that the interview process was like a gang initiation - write a haiku, a sestina, but it wasn’t like that. There is a written application on the Albuquerque Poet Laureate website. You can submit up to 10 poems, but it’s nice because th

NME After Print: Santa Ana Star Casino expands to Hotel and restaurant

Santa Ana Star Casino has announced its $85 million expansion including a 204-room hotel, Juniper Steakhouse, state-of-the-art meeting and event spaces and retail shops. The hotel officially opens on July 4th. The centerpiece of the expansion is Santa Ana Star's new hotel, which stands 130 feet tall. The hotel features seven floors of guest rooms totaling 204 rooms with 28 suites and two pet-friendly rooms. Each rooms is elegantly designed with modern features. The rooms also include complimentary Wi-Fi, an in-room Keurig Coffee Maker, refrigerator and a complimentary continental breakfast. The hotel also provides access to fitness center and indoor pool. Board Chairwoman Melissa K. Paquin-L

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