The New Mexico Film Office Announces Universal Cable Productions' "Mr. Robot" to Film

New Mexico Film Office Director Nick Maniatis announced today that USA Network's television series "Mr. Robot" produced by Universal Cable Productions in association with Anonymous Content, will partially shoot in Albuquerque at the end of August through the beginning of September. "Once again, New Mexico's incredible landscapes, unmatched workforce, and our powerful incentives are bringing good jobs to New Mexico," said New Mexico Film Office Director Nick Maniatis. "This is another great TV show that will have a tremendous economic impact as we continue to grow and diversify our economy." The production will employ approximately 75 New Mexico crew members, 18 New Mexico principal actors/st

The New Mexico Film Office Announces"t@gged" To Film a Third Season in New Mexico

New Mexico Film Office Director Nick Maniatis announced today that AwesomenessTV's premium series "t@gged," will start production on Season 3 in early August. Production will wrap mid-September in Albuquerque and Jemez. "When you get picked up for another season, you know you're doing something right," said New Mexico Film Office Director Nick Maniatis."Our homegrown talent and our incredible landscapes are catalysts for bringing back another season to New Mexico." The production will employ approximately 55 New Mexico crew members, 30 New Mexico principal actors and over 300 New Mexico background talent. "t@gged" is directed by New Mexico resident Hannah Macpherson ("Sickhouse," "Those Who

August 2017 - Cover Story: The Heart of The Night Shift: JR Lemon

More than just pretty face and killer abs, JR [James Roch] Lemon is proving to have some serious acting chops. Currently playing the character Nurse Kenny on NBC’s hit show The Night Shift, Lemon is enjoying his decision to make acting his passion. But this decision didn’t come naturally. During filming of Night Shift’s Season 4, Lemon took some time out to do a photoshoot, answer questions about how he got started in the business, and share his goals for the future. You received a BS in Management Science and Engineering, yet you choose to pursue a career in acting. Where did the desire to act come from? I was signed as a free agent with the Oakland Raiders right out college, but I got cut

August 2017 - Let Us Entertain You: Driving Miss Daisy

Albuquerque Little Theatre will begin their 88th Season with the Pulitzer Prize Winning play, Driving Miss Daisy. It tells the story of an elderly Jewish matron, Daisy Werthan, and her chauffeur, Hoke Coleburn. At first, Daisy is none too happy about being forced to rely on a black man to get from one place to the next. Gradually, however, Hoke wins her over, and during the 25-year span of the play, the two develop a deep-rooted affection. This masterpiece is a delicate depiction of racial tensions, the passage of time, and the experience of aging. Playwright Alfred Uhry creates two outsiders who come to a mutual respect grounded in each others' independence, strength, and stubborn integrity

August 2017 - Turn It Up: 3 On A Match

How did the band come together? Since 2005, our bassist David DeBonis had this vision playing in a Kabarett [a political, satirical form of Cabaret] style band, something that would re-capture the moods, the feel, the desperation and presence of European Kabarett before WWI, before WWII, and during the Great Depression between the world wars…something that conveyed the effect of those events on the psyche and emotions of the citizens of Europe and America. In those times, there persisted a hedonism in the face of social, economic, and political collapse. David, along with our pianist Brad Clement, had been playing together in a band in Albuquerque, mixing and matching music from different e

August 2017 - The Sports Connection: Albuquerque Sol

The sport of soccer became an Albuquerque pastime when the Albuquerque Sol came to town. Ron Patel, founder of Albuquerque Sol, sat down with New Mexico Entertainment and talked to us about his passion to make the Sol the talk of the town in sports. What was it about Albuquerque and soccer that resonated with you? Living here for many years, I realized that we are a soccer town. Outside of the University [of New Mexico], which has a first class soccer program, there are no other pro or semi-pro teams. I saw the Sol as a way to unite the community through sports. Basically, I saw a gap in the marketplace and aimed to fill the gap. Where did your love for the game come from? I was born in Live

August 2017 - Now Showing: Alive & Kicking

Nothing gets me more excited than a dance film. Swing legend Dawn Hampton says, “How can you listen to that music and not tap your foot?” Alive and Kicking takes a look inside the history of the high-energy swing community and its resurgence in this modern-era. Swing was created during The Great Depression with the music of Count Bessie, Louie Armstrong, and Duke Ellington used as the backdrop. Performed in the 1920s streets of Harlem in the Black community, Swing and Lindy Hop were dances of the American pastime. Watching the high-speed turns, flips, and kicks make you think that folks might fly across the room if that connection between dancers was lost, but somehow the partners stay conne

August 2017 - Behind the Scenes: Matt Peterson

What do you love about the film scene in New Mexico? I love the community feel of it—from large scale feature films and television to smaller sized independent films and shorts—there's a great sense of pride, family, and community. Some of the most successful films and television as of late were created right here in beautiful New Mexico. I believe that’s in large part due to the hardworking, talented local community of film folks! Whenever I'm lucky to get cast on a project or be called to help crew, I always see some wonderful familiar faces. It's very comforting to see people you may have known for a long time doing things they love to do...and doing them well. We have some of the best a

August 2017 - Between the Pages: Summoning

This collection of poems by Jeanne Shannon leaves the reader stunned by her ability to evoke universal emotions of longing, beauty, pain, awe, and pure joy. Her imagery and attention to detail blended with her obvious love of the natural world takes us on a visual journey where less is more and where words become a vehicle through which she allows us access into her very soul. Jeanne’s worldview has a visionary aspect that is timeless. The book is divided into six sections: “Dissolving Forms,” “The Colors of the World,” “Honey Locust,” “Summoning,” “Etude: Prime Numbers,” and “Of the Hours, Seamless.” In “Dissolving Forms,” the author looks beyond “the scrim of what seems to be” to exp

August 2017 - Extras: 4th Annual Downtown Showdown Rod and Custom Car Show

All you car enthusiasts, listen up! The 4th Annual Downtown Showdown Rod and Custom is coming to Albuquerque on September 9th at Cecilia’s Café (230 6th Street Southwest). This is the fourth year of this annual event. Event creator, Gary Aragon, saw this as a passion since he was young. “I have grown up with Classic cars all my life, I was raised in a bad neighborhood and cars were my way of staying away from my surroundings, my brother was the one who got me into the cars,” shared Aragon. “The show is a traditional hot rod show with radical customs of the 1950’s and 60’s. It’s always been an era I have loved and wanted to design a show.” The event features some of Albuquerque’s nicest work

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