New York Gypsy All Stars Mix the Lush Sounds of Macedonia, Greece and Turkey with American Jazz and

The Lensic proudly presents the New York Gypsy All Stars, a contemporary Balkan meets jazz, funk and electronica group on Thursday, November 17, 2016, at 7:30 pm. Tickets start at $20 ( Direct to The Lensic from the East Village, the New York Gypsy All Stars unite the lush sounds of their Macedonian, Greek, and Turkish roots with American influences to create an original sound that jumps the turnstiles of Balkanalia. Featuring classically trained musicians (including Macedonian clarinet wonder Ismail Lumanovski, who the New York Times called a “brilliant, fearless young clarinetist”), they cover the world rhythmically and harmonically, zooming with Roma-inspired zeal from

NME After Print - New Mexico Living October 2016 Appearance

New Mexico Entertainment Magazine's Teresa Ewers visited with Crystal Gutierrez of New Mexico Living to discuss the October "Santa Fe Comic Con" issue featuring Kevin Sorbo, Barbara Magnolfi, and Jamison Newlander. They also discussed the new movie Priceless and The HIstory of Beer.

October 2016 - Cover: Kevin Sorbo

If you were a fan of the mid-90s television show, Xena: Warrior Princess (or, more to the point, Hercules: the Legendary Journeys), then you know the face of Kevin Sorbo, the man who enticed us as the handsome hero, Hercules. Now, Sorbo is still entertaining his fan base, having expanded into the film genre both behind and in front of the camera. Beyond acting, Sorbo is making an impact on impoverished youth with his organization, A World Fit for Kids! (WFIT). I had the opportunity to sit down with Sorbo in preparation for his visit to the Santa Fe ComicCon at the Buffalo Thunder Resort and Casino, October 21-23. While most kids at the age of eleven are still deciding what they’ll be when th

October 2016 - Let Us Entertain You: Barbara Magnolfi

Proclaimed as “a natural” by the late Italian director, Antonio Pietrangeli, Barbara Magnolfi was destined to be a force in the film industry. Preparing for her appearance in Santa Fe, Magnolfi gave us a moment to talk about her career, her fans, and the future. What did you want to be when you grew up? When I grew up I wanted to be a performer—an actress, dancer, singer. I was inspired by film, music, and dance, and I wanted to be someone who did the same—someone who inspires people. What was modeling like for a girl of 15? ...I had been forced into growing up very fast, and this modeling opportunity came as a blessing to me. At first, I was modeling clothes for a private boutique...and I w

October 2016 - Turn It Up: The Villalobos Brothers

The Lensic proudly presents the contemporary, high-octane Mexican violinists, The Villalobos Brothers, who are making an appearance on The Lensic stage on October 9, 2016. These amazing musicians have made a name for themselves in the industry, “masterfully blending elements of jazz, rock, classical, and Mexican folk to deliver a powerful message of love, brotherhood, and social justice.”* The band is composed of the brothers—Alberto, Ernesto, and Luis Villalobos—on violins and vocals; Director and Guitarist, Humberto Flores; Bassist, Leo Sherman; and Drummer, Rose Avila. The band was inspired by their grandmother, Cristina Vásquez, who would sing and play guitar and accordion when they were

October 2016 - The 5: Jamison Newlander

Let's take a step back to 1987. What was the experience like to be on the set of The Lost Boys? Okay, let me set the scene for you. I was kind of a regular kid living in L.A. I started auditioning after school and got a few gigs—a commercial, a few TV roles. But the world of feature films was tough to get into. So, when I got Lost Boys, it was a big deal for me. From the beginning it was surreal, flying up to Santa Cruz with Corey Feldman, just like we were longtime friends. We’d auditioned together and really hit it off. But still, he was Mouth in Goonies! And pretty quickly, I was hanging all the time with both Coreys, who never made me feel like a third wheel. For about a month we were al

October 2016 - Now Showing: Priceless

With a slew of simply entertaining films coming out this fall, at least one new release offers a profound message. Filmed here in New Mexico, Priceless is based on a true story about human trafficking and pivots around a lost man who is found through the power of love and spirituality. Joel Smallbone plays the character of James; a man who has lost his family - looking for something in this world to give him hope. Through a series of events, James finds himself making up for mistakes and finding redemption in decisions that will change his life for the better. The cast is talented, working off each other’s strengths and creating a balanced and beautiful storyline. The direction of Ben Smallb

October 2016 - The Cut: The History of Beer

In a quiet, sunlit room with the soft sound of traffic rushing by, a group of students sip on samples of beer while hearing from instructor Brandon Morgan about the history behind what’s currently tickling their palate. Not your normal history class, right? Central New Mexico Community College (CNM) has branched out, not only with their Brewing and Beverage Management Program, but also with classes, like The History of Beer, for brewing enthusiasts through their Ingenuity Brew School. Jay Walker, student, says that he really wanted to know more about beer’s history, especially with all of the breweries popping up in and around Albuquerque. Walker notes, “It’s also interesting to see how type

October 2016 - Extras: Holiday Cocktails Ideas

As the days get colder and the holidays start rolling in, we must find creative ways to celebrate the season. Family-owned distillery, William Grant & Sons, provided us with some tasty concoctions for the Fall. National Chocolate Day – October 28 America loves its chocolate! So it should be no surprise that chocolate gets its own national day. In celebration, WG&S took a twist on a childhood favorite, hot chocolate. By adding Milagro Añejo, it adds a nice kick to this beloved beverage. Milagro Anejo Hot Chocolate 1.5 parts Milagro Anejo 3 parts Abuelita Chocolate Tablets or your favorite hot chocolate powder Heavy Cream 1 pinch Grated Chili Chocolate Bar Glass: Clear M

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