NME After Print - 3rd Annual George R. R. Martin Screenwriting Grant Announced

$5000 will go to aspiring New Mexico screenwriter Dirk Norris, Executive Director of the New Mexico Film Foundation announced the availability of the 3rd annual George RR Martin Screenwriting Grant. This $5000 grant is made possible by a generous donation to the New Mexico Film Foundation by renowned author George R. R. Martin, known for the HBO Series “Game of Thrones” and owner of the Jean Cocteau Theater in Santa Fe. The submission process will open on June 15th and run until September 16th. To enter, you must be a New Mexico resident, 18 years old and NOT a member of the Writer’s Guild of America. “The New Mexico Film Foundation is excited and honored to be working with George in thi

NME After Print - Mitchell & Presley Talent Group announces an exciting change

Mitchell & Presley Talent Group is pleased to announce that there has been a change in the structure of the company. Tina Presley Borek has been granted Sub-Agent status by SAG-AFTRA and will represent her roster of clients in Los Angeles. Carissa Mitchell will continue as SAG-AFTRA Franchised Agent for the New Mexico roster and her clients in Los Angeles. "As owner of the company, I feel that with the unprecedented success that we have been experiencing and the fast pace continuing, our best decision was to focus on individual client needs to streamline communication and help clarify responsibilities within the agency," says Carissa Mitchell. "We feel this will help facilitate the highest o

May 2016 - Now Showing - The Caveman of Atomic City

Ever glance at someone on the street and have him or her turn to catch you staring? Or feel like you know somebody from the minute your eyes meet? “micromike” has the answers you’re looking for. The Caveman of Atomic City is a peek into a world most of could never imagine, let alone live in. Giving up his worldly possession for a life of philosophy in a cave outside Los Alamos, “micromike” has spent years contemplating these and many other questions. Part scientist part, philosopher “micromike” developed the theory of Gravionics. E=mc2 is old news. Yes, Einstein was brilliant, but was wrong with his theory of relativity. “micromike”, a name he took to remind himself how small he is in the un

May 2016 - Turn it Up: Shoulder Voices

Shoulder Voices is the most elegantly beautiful, odd band in the 505. Bobby Tucker, masterfully painted, takes the stage with a paradoxical comfortable intensity that leads the listener on a strange and glamorous journey into his psyche. Amanda Tucker, with movie star looks and a quiet grace accentuates the larger than life personality with true natural born talent. Ryan Sciarrotta, the beat master, the thundering colossal drummer extraordinaire, with his quiet demeanor is a beast on the drum kit. Mary Stockton flexesher pipes, adorned in another decade, and one is captivated by her fabulousness. Joe Buffaloe is a groove beast bassist, with charisma to spare. Kevin Elder completes the circle

May 2016 - Let Us Entertain You: La Dynastia Continua

Santa Ana Star Center is full of excitement as it prepares for La Dynastia Continua - The National Mexican Festival & Rodeo Show sets La Dynastia Continua on Sunday, May 22nd at 6:30pm. La Dynastia Continua features live singing and riding in a spectacular event, including comedians, bulls, folkloric ballet, charros, and more. Here are some of the performers set to appear: VICENTE FERNANDEZ JR. Son of ‘Charro de México’ Vicente Fernández, Vicente Fernández Jr. began singing at an early age. Along with his brother, Alejandro Fernández, the two have crossed borders with their songs. In addition to singing, Vicente Fernández Jr. has appeared in films alongside his father. He has acted in nove

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